28 Unusual And Wonderful International McFlurry Flavors

We all know that the McDonald’s McFlurry is one of the premier soft serve desserts in the world, and the mind-boggling varieties of flavors is practically a language of love.

1. Kit Kat and Strawberry - Japan

3. Ovomaltine - Switzerland

As you might have assumed, Ovomaltine is Ovaltine.

4. Ballerina Pepparkaka - Sweden

A limited-edition filled gingerbread biscuit from Sweden.

5. Stroopwafel - Netherlands

A thin caramel waffle.

8. Exoticas - Mexico

Made with Turin chocolates, which are liquor-filled chocolate morsels.

9. Raspberry Flake - UK

Flake chocolate is a light, flaky chocolate bar.

10. Negresco - Brazil

Negresco is a Brazilian Oreo.

11. Bubblegum Squash - Australia

This McFlurry is made with bubblegum flavored syrup and mini marshmallows.

12. Lapataia - Uruguay

Apparently, this is a dulce de leche concoction.

13. Baci (!!) - Italy

Baci are an amazing hazelnut-filled chocolate delight.

14. Kranky - Mexico

Kranky are chocolate-covered corn flakes.

15. Strawberry Shortcake - Japan

16. Magnum Classic - Germany

Magnum Classic is a chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar.

17. Cadbury Mini Eggs - UK

18. Cadbury Black Forest - Europe

19. Milo - various locations

Milo is a type of crunchy cereal.

21. Blueberry Oreo - Japan

22. Marabou Jordgubb - Sweden

Made of Marabou chocolates and strawberry.

23. Pineapple Oreo - Colombia

24. Matcha (Green Tea) - Japan

25. Taro Oreo - Asia

Taro is a type of root vegetable.

27. Daim - Sweden

Daim is a crunchy butter almond bar covered in milk chocolate.

28. Lakritsi (Black Liquorice) - Finland

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