The 31 Most Heartwarming Moments From "The Walking Dead"

Reminisce about the good times before everything goes to hell again.

31. Daryl is a rock star to the Woodbury survivors.

Just so y’all know, we liked him first.

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30. Bob isn’t alone anymore.

Fuzzy and/or flirty feelings all around :D

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29. Beth sings to everyone around the campfire.

If only they had stuff to make s’mores.

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28. Michonne refuses to abandon a sick Andrea.

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Friends don’t let friends die before their major character arc even starts.

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27. Merle goes on a suicide mission to protect the group.

Redemption granted!

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26. Hershel gives Glenn his watch.

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“You’re the best my daughter has in this limited dating pool, you get the family heirloom.”

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25. Daryl refuses to give up on Sophia.

This was truly one of those “it’s the thought that counts” situations.

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24. The Governor’s relationship with Meghan.

You could’ve had it all, Governor!

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23. Daryl and Beth burn down a shack together.

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Arson is a very productive way to deal with emotional baggage.

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22. Daryl rescues Carol after she gets stuck in the prison.

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It was the least he could do after he declared her dead without even looking for her first.

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21. Rick holds Judith for the first time.

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“I’ve been emotionally traumatized. I need a baby, stat!”

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20. Daryl gives Beth a piggyback ride.

I won’t lie, I might have stepped into that trap on purpose just to generate this outcome.

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19. Michonne and Carl hunt down the last remaining Grimes family photo.

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A BrOTP was forged that day.

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18. Beth sings to Daryl while he lays in a coffin.

R.I.P my heart.

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17. Bob kisses Sasha.

Hella smooth, tbh.

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16. Carol rescues Judith, Lizzie, and Mika.

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Carol is such a champ.

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15. Michonne cuddles Judith.

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I love Michonne’s poorly concealed mushy side.

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14. Carl admits that he needs Rick.

“I need you dad. Who’s going to tell me stupid jokes if not you?!”

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13. Hershel tells Glenn he thinks of him as a son.

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I’m getting verklempt.

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12. Tyreese saves Judith after the prison falls.

I love it when guys get stuck with babies.

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11. Michonne reunites with Carl and Rick after the prison falls.

I cried, and I my tears were strings of crazy cheese.

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10. Beth and Daryl hold hands at the graveyard.

This episode was a gold mine of sappiness.

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9. Rick calls Daryl his brother.

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It just so happens he’s in the market for a new brother.

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8. Michonne comforts Andrea as she dies.

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“We’ll always have those months of offscreen moments.”

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7. Beth restores Daryl’s faith in humanity.

It was sweet while it lasted.

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6. Michonne and Carl bond.

Dorks 4 life.

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5. Glenn and Maggie reunite after the prison falls.


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4. Glenn and Maggie’s entire relationship.

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Love like there’s no tomorrow. Because there probably won’t be.

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3. Daryl feeds newborn Judith.

A Lil’ Asskicker is born.

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2. Daryl gives Carol a Cherokee Rose.

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Would you say this is when your feelings for Daryl bloomed?

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1. Rick is reunited with Lori and Carl.

Like you didn’t cry.

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There are so many sweet moments on The Walking Dead, I couldn’t possibly get them all. What are your some of your favorites?

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