20 Reasons Why Macklemore Should Be President


1. He’s a great public speaker.

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2. He firmly supports marriage equality.

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3. He’ll shop at thrift stores instead of spending government money on luxury brands.

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4. Because Elmo loves him.

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5. His killer haircuts.

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6. His stance on suicide prevention.

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7. He’s chill with NBA players.

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8. He owns a pair of Batman pajamas.

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9. He lifts.

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10. Because he and his fiance would be the perfect first couple.

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11. Immigration reform…

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12. Because of what he said in this inspirational speech about injustice.

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13. He’d look great on Mount Rushmore.

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14. He can relate to millions of Americans.

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15. Because of his understanding of consumerism through his song “Wings”.

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16. He makes fighting alligators look easy.

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17. This is his best friend Ryan Lewis. He’s set for Vice President.

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18. Macklemore is very patriotic.

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19. Because of this interview on Chelsea Lately.

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20. Because he’s environmentally friendly.

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