16 Thoughts Everyone Has While At The Gym

When can I get out of here?

1. Do I REALLY want to be here?

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definitely not.

2. Should I turn around now? Is it too late?

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3. I should’ve put on make up before this.

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4. What’s the easiest machine here?

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Can’t calories just burn themselves?

5. How does this work?

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Too. Many. Buttons.

6. When this songs over I’ll have run at least 4 minutes.

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Feeling accomplished.

7. Are the people behind me judging what I’m watching?

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The Real Housewives are intellectually engaging too.

8. If this old guy can run, I can definitely do another mile.

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9. How much longer??

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I’ve been here FOREVER.

10. What should I make for dinner?

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Would McDonalds cancel out this workout?

11. Will I have time to shower after this?

Hope so.

12. I’m going to look so much hotter tonight.

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And my bikini bod will be rockin.

13. I probably lost like 5 pounds by now.

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Most definitely.

14. I’ve been on here for at least half an hour, right?

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15. Really this time, HOW MUCH LONGER?

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16. I’m OUTTA here!

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…But I’ll probably be back tomorrow.

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