17 Easy Ways To Put Pizza On Everything

No pizza dough? No problem.

1. Put it on a portobello mushroom:


Instant appetizers. Get the recipe.

2. On a bagel:

Two halves = two opportunities for pizza. Get the recipe.

4. On an English muffin:

Vegan edition. Get the recipe.

5. On woven slabs of bacon:

I would like the majority of my meals served on bacon, but let’s not get into that right now. Get the recipe.

6. On a baked potato:

A perfect vessel. Get the recipe.

7. On zucchini:


A healthier vessel. Get the recipe.

8. On a tortilla:

Like a quesadilla with a sun roof. Get the recipe.

9. On a cauliflower crust:

At a glance, deceptively dough-like. Get the recipe.

10. On French bread or hoagies:

Ree Drummond /

Leftover hamburger or hot dog buns work too. Get the recipe.

11. On ramen:

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt /


Tastes like college, pretty much. Get the recipe.

12. On a biscuit:

It’s dough, but it’s biscuit dough, so it’s way better. Get the recipe.

13. On Wheat Thins:

Humble little crackers — all grown up. Get the recipe.

14. On ground beef:


Paleo meat-za. Get the recipe.

15. On gluten-free spaghetti:


It’s shaped like a pizza pie, so it counts. Get the recipe.

16. On waffles:

Set up a toppings bar and let the kids do their thing. Get the recipe.

17. Lastly, pizza cupcakes:


Because it was inevitable that we come to this. Get the recipe.

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