14 Easy And Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas

A thoughtful, personalized present that won’t break the bank? Check.

1. Pack up the ingredients for a romantic, homemade dinner for two.

Wrap them in a colander to kick off the couple’s new kitchen supply. (And don’t forget a wallet-friendly bottle of red.) Here’s how to put one together.

2. Frame their wedding invitation:

Set it against a swatch of colored fabric or burlap to tie into their color scheme.

3. Or their names:

You can buy a pack of 100 Scrabble tiles starting at $4.99 on Amazon. Learn how to piece them all together here.

4. Or their love story:

Print out copies of Google Maps or tear pages from an old atlas, and adhere them to heart-shaped wooden decals. (These are less than $5 on Amazon.) Then frame everything for a wall-worthy piece of art. Get the instructions.

5. Help cover postage for all those thank you cards they’ll have to send:

A small but incredibly useful gift: books of stamps. Sending thank-yous can be a mammoth task for any newly-married couple, but taking care of their postage ahead of time will give them one less thing to worry about.

6. Design a custom set of mugs:


Plain mugs are super inexpensive at craft stores — and all you need to decorate them are Sharpies or enamel-based paint. To set the color, bake them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Get the instructions.

7. Give them something they can take care of together:


Like a houseplant, or — even less maintenance — these adorable succulents planted in teacups. Get the instructions.

8. Stock the couple’s post-honeymoon fridge:

It can be as inexpensive as some quick snacks and frozen dinners from the grocery store, or as elaborate as a week of homemade meals. Point is: they’re not coming home to the dreaded empty fridge.

9. Or their pantry:

Cookie dough and cake mix: both essential. Here’s how to put them together.

10. Or their supply closet:

Granted, it’s not most glamorous gift, but it’s one that will almost certainly be used and appreciated — especially if the couple is moving into their first place.

11. Customize a batch of vintage-esque coasters:

Print out some favorite photos of the couple, and adhere them to white ceramic tiles using a trusty bottle of Mod Podge. Set it with some acrylic spray, and you’ve got a set of personalized, Polaroid-inspired coasters. Get the instructions.

12. Lend a hand:


If money’s really tight, consider offering your services. Whether it’s putting your photography skills to work at the ceremony, taking the lead on a post-reception carpool, or offering to dog-sit while the couple is away on their honeymoon.

13. Dream up a pretty set of pillowcases:

You’ll need some sewing skills for this one. Get the instructions.

14. Wrap them up in love.

Throw blanket + hand-painted hearts (made foolproof with inexpensive cutouts) = a bold, beautiful keepsake.

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