Say Hello To Equality House

Located directly across the street from Westboro Baptist Church, Equality House is working toward positive change. / Via http://redditor%20Triassic, a nonprofit organization founded in 2004, recently purchased a home directly across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS. The building is painted in the colors of the Pride flag to serve as a constant visual symbol of Planting Peace and their goal of equality and an end to bullying.

Westboro Baptist Church is one of the most predominant hate groups in the U.S. today. They spend their time protesting at funerals and other events for soldiers, LGBT activists, and anyone they deem a “fag enabler”.

In the past few years, several members of Westboro Baptist Church have left.

Equality House will serve as a headquarters for equality and anti-bullying initiatives. / Via http://redditor%20plantingpeaceEH

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