25 Simple Questions You Probably Don’t Know The Answers To

Believe it or not, with a little digging, most of these questions can be answered.

1. Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Sell Hotdogs?

ID: 521

2. At A Movie Theater Which Arm Rest Is Yours?

ID: 522

3. What Is Satan’s Last Name?

ID: 523

4. Why Do Doctors Leave The Room When You Change? They’re Going To See You Naked Anyway

ID: 524

5. Where Does The Toetag Go On A Dead Person If They Don’t Have Toes?

ID: 526

6. Why Is There A Disclaimer On The Allstate Auto Insurance Commericals That Says “Not Available In All States”?

ID: 529

7. If A Person Dies And Then Springs Back To Life, Do They Get Their Money Back For The Coffin?

ID: 530

8. Do They Bury People With Their Braces On?

ID: 531

9. Why Is It That Everyone Driving Faster Than You Is Considered An Idiot And Everyone Driving Slower Than You Is A Moron?

ID: 533

10. Why Does Grape Flavor Smell The Way It Is When Actual Grapes Don’t Taste Or Smell Anything Like It?

ID: 534

11. What’s The Difference Between Normal Ketchup And Fancy Ketchup?

ID: 535

12. Why Is The Lone Ranger Called ‘Lone’ If He Always Has His Indian Friend Tonto With Him?

ID: 536

13. When Does It Stop Being Partly Cloudy And Start Being Partly Sunny?

ID: 537

14. Are Eyebrows Considered Facial Hair?

ID: 539

15. If A Baby’s Leg Pops Out At 11:59 PM But His Head Doesn’t Come Out Until 12:01, Which Day Was He Born On?

ID: 540

16. Is There A Time Limit On Fortune Cookie Predictions?

ID: 542

17. Since Bread Is Square, Then Why Is Sandwich Meat Round?

ID: 544

18. Can Crop Circles Be Square?

ID: 546

19. When Atheists Go To Court, Do They Have To Swear On The Bible?

ID: 547

20. What Do You Do When You See An Endangered Animal That Is Eating An Endangered Plant?

ID: 548

21. Why Are The Little Styrofoam Pieces Called Peanuts?

ID: 549

22. Why Does The Easter Bunny Carry Eggs? Rabbits Don’t Lay Eggs.

ID: 550

23. Do Siamese Twins Pay For One Ticket Or Two Tickets When They Go To Movies And Concerts?

ID: 552

24. Why Is The Heart Symbol Not Shaped Like The Organ?

ID: 553

25. Do Prison Buses Have Emergency Exits?

ID: 555

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