Attention! Newborn French Bulldog Puppies Have Arrived!

Remember jmarcoz’s family of bulldogs? Well there are four new arrivals. And holy crap are they cute.

1. Two males, two females. All so cute it makes you want to punch a wall.

No? Just me with the wall thing? Huh.

2. Here they are in an adorable pigpile. Their eyes aren’t open yet, so they’re a bit unorganized.

3. Here they are showing off a couple of their bellies which might just be the cutest bellies that have ever graced planet earth.

4. And here they’re sleeping, casually comfortable with the fact that they are way cuter than anything else you’ve seen. Ever.

Check out the teardrop on the face of the puppy on the left. This puppy might be a newborn, but it’s already seen shit that you wouldn’t believe.

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