Animals Taking Self Portraits

Just because they lack opposable thumbs doesn’t mean they’re not attention whores.

Sometimes cats go Myspace-style with their self portraits.

Really, cat? Arm’s-length selfies? So vain.

ID: 989866

Like seriously, cat, get over yourself.

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1. And monkeys tend to get a bit cheesy with it.

Really though, if you were this macaque monkey would you let an amateur try to capture your good side? Doubtful.

ID: 990004

2. And this puppy? He really needs to work on playing it cool.

ID: 990019

3. Sometimes cats use a timer on their camera so they can get their pose just right.

No really, cat. Stop trying so hard.

ID: 989923

4. And penguins like to get lined up for a good group shot taken by timer.

ID: 989968

5. But just a word to the wise: cats get mad at photobombers.

Really, don’t even try. She doesn’t want you here.

ID: 989931

6. And they’re known to go a little overboard with the mirror self portraits.

No, cat! What are you doing?!

ID: 989953

7. Though sometimes dogs will join in on your own selfies.

But we all know that he’d prefer to be in the photo alone.

ID: 989945

8. And polar bears will grace you with a picture or two.

Now that’s a generous polar bear right there.

ID: 990028

9. So I guess we just have to appreciate it when an animal expresses itself artistically.

ID: 990033

10. Especially since, at the end of the day, this monkey with a camera is pretty darn cute…

ID: 990039

11. And this is pretty darn NOT.

ID: 990045

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