13 Ways Cats Are Just Angsty Teenagers

They have a lot of feelings, man. And they want you to leave them alone.

1. They try to look cool and then just end up looking foolish.

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2. They’re insecure when making new friends.

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3. They haven’t learned their limits yet with recreational drugs.

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And yeah, they get paranoid sometimes when they smoke too much.

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4. They don’t listen to authority. Ever.

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5. They get awkward with the simplest of tasks.

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Like, really awkward.

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6. Amazingly awkward.

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7. They’re always asking you to buy them booze since they’re underage.

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8. They share way too much on social media.

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9. They’re really eager to drive, even when it terrifies everyone else on the road.

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10. And they try really hard to be intimidating.

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11. But, just like an angsty teenager, they’re just looking to find themselves in this crazy world.

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12. And yeah, sometimes they look pretty goofy…

ID: 1108849

Reeeeally goofy….

ID: 1108861

13. But they pretty much always mean well, in the end. Just not right now. Right now they need some space. But yeah, at the end of the day they will usually, begrudgingly, admit to loving you.

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