11 Amazing Things That Have Happened In Space This Last Year

We are tiny insignificant dots in the universe. That just proves that space is super awesome in every single way.

1. 11. Voyager I is still going and has left the solar system

Voyager I has less computing power than your cellphone and yet it keeps on trucking.

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2. Which means that Aliens could someday come face to face with the awesome of Carl Sagan

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3. 10. The Kepler Space Craft has found two new planetary systems that within the habitable system

Habitable systems are those which have planets that possess the possibility of having liquid water.

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4. However we do not yet know if these planets have hostile space bugs

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5. 9. Russia has finalized the plans to relaunch its Moon-exploration program with Luna Glob

The Luna Glob Moonbase will be the first permanent installation on the moon and explore the extraction of water.

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6. Nothing AT ALL could go wrong with this mission

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7. 8. NASA has greelit the OSIRIS-REx Project which will help us explore the asteroids for valuable resources

OSIRIS-REx preparing to take a sample from an asteroid…..

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8. Which means Ben Affleck will always have work!!!

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9. 7. NASA has found an “unprecedented” cluster of Black Holes in the Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda is our nearest galactic neighbor

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10. Hmmmm……

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11. 6. The ESA Star Survey Gaia will launch in November to begin its survey of the Milky Way

Gaia will map all the stars in the Milky Way including their temperature and luminosity. It is the most expensive camera to ever get launched into space.

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12. I hope the US allows the mission to succeed

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13. 5. The New Horizons Spacecraft (on the way to Pluto) is the fastest ship ever launced

New Horizons is traveling at about 36,000,000 MPH

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14. That is is really really fast

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15. 4. The Hubble Telescope has found the first “True Blue” Planet

According to NASA “This color is not due to the presence of oceans, but is caused by the effects of a 2,000-degree-Fahrenheit atmosphere where silicate particles melt to make “raindrops” of glass that scatter blue light more than red light.’

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16. However they need to keep certain other facts under wraps for the moment

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17. 3. NASA’s Curiosity Rover is still trucking around Mars and taking some amazing photographs

This is what a penny looks like after 14 months on the Red Planet.

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19. 2. A crowdfunded project to sail to the moon met its goal and is currently proposing to NASA

Solar sails are the next big thing in space exploration. Both the US and Japan currently have programs in development.

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20. Which means we are only a few years away from this…

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21. 1. New Horizons has discovered two new moons for Pluto: Kerebos and Styx

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22. Which almost makes up for the fact that Pluto was stripped of it’s planet status

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