20 Pictures Of Santa Riding Things That Are Not A Sleigh

In many places around the world, Santa doesn’t need reindeer. Instead he might hop on a more practical form of transportation, like a Harley or a surfboard.

1. Santa on a motorcycle with horns.

Merry Christmas, biker Santa.

ID: 771505

2. Santa on a train.

I bet there’s lots of presents in that caboose.

ID: 771559

3. Santa on a surfboard.

Mele Kalikimaka, surfing Santa.

ID: 771517

4. Santa in a kayak.

I guess, dogs with antlers make more sense than reindeer in the water.

ID: 771530

5. Santa in an inflatable kayak.

Who knew so many toys would fit in an inflatable kayak?

ID: 771527

6. Santa on a bicycle.

Doesn’t seem to be able to carry that many presents.

ID: 771555

7. Santa on a rickshaw.

Santa’s looking sort of lazy.

ID: 771564

8. Santa rides an ATV.

Power to the people!

ID: 771580

9. Santa rides a firetruck.

This makes a lot of sense, since Santa can just turn on the siren, if he is running behind schedule.

ID: 771567

10. Santa on the log ride.

This one doesn’t make a lot of sense, but still I enjoy it.

ID: 771570

11. Santa on a tricycle.

High five!

ID: 771590

12. Santa rides a horse.

I hope this Santa’s not drunk, since he’s on a horse.

ID: 771571

13. Santa on a camel.

Really hope this Santa is not drunk either, since he is on a camel.

ID: 771572

14. Santa rides an ostrich.

Oh, man.

ID: 771574

15. Santa rides an elephant!

And wow.

ID: 771575

16. Santa wakeboard.

Go Santa!

ID: 771579

17. Santa skydives.


ID: 771578

18. Santa sometimes rides the subway.

But maybe you already knew this.

ID: 771586

19. Santa zips around in a golf cart.

Vroom, vroom.

ID: 771585

20. Santa on a helicopter.

ID: 771581

Apparently, Santa is a BAMF.

ID: 771583

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