This YouTuber Watched A Video Of His Own Birth With His Mom By His Side And It Was Traumatizing

“What is that? Did you just pee on me?”

1. 24-year-old Tyler Oakley had the brilliant idea of watching an old home video of his own birth… with his mom by his side giving a play-by-play! Don’t worry, there’s a black box to cover up the most graphic parts!

ID: 2785607

2. First, mom explained what went down when her water broke.

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3. Then Tyler had a shocking revelation.

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4. Even though he knew how the story would end, Tyler still got a little scared when his birthing was four minutes out.

ID: 2785757

5. And once his head started coming out, Tyler’s face said it all…

ID: 2785830

6. After he was born, Tyler was not impressed with how he looked when he first entered the world.

ID: 2785843

7. And then he asked a question that he *really* shouldn’t have… “What is that all over me, it looks really vile?”

ID: 2785858

8. While the whole experience was a little much at times, in the end it was clear that birth really is a beautiful thing!

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