This Teacher Made A Hilarious Video To Ask Will Ferrell To Help Him Chaperone Prom

How could you say no to this face?

1. You’ve seen your fair share of high school students asking celebrities to prom, but have you ever seen the teacher ask?

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2. Chad Cochran has been a video production and animation teacher at San Ramon Valley High School for 13 years. He’s happily married with two children, but he has big plans for who he wants to take to prom this year- Will Ferrell.

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3. And why WOULDN’T Will Ferrell want to go to prom with Mr. Cochran? The snack game will be on point.

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4. And the transportation will be too.

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5. Chad even came up with a code word for the two of them to use. Now that’s love.

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6. They have SO much in common.

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7. And Mr. Cochran even promised to buy him a boutonniere!

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8. But most importantly, there’s a photo booth, and Mr. Cochran was kind enough to give us a preview of what their prom picture might look like.

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9. “San Ramon Valley High is an awesome school and all our students and staff are very loving and welcoming. Will would have a great time at our ball (if he came),‬” Mr. Cochran told BuzzFeed. So what do you say, Will Ferrell?

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10. UPDATE: Mr. Cochran is NOT giving up! Here’s his second attempt to get Will to chaperone prom with him.

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