This New Old Spice Video Is The Most Hilarious Internet Ad So Far This Year

Wait for it.

1. Who wouldn’t want to tan their bod while dancing?

ID: 2319602

Executive Spray Tan Parties is one of 8 fake products Old Spice created for their “Interneterventions” campaign. If you want to prank your friends, send them a link to one of the websites below. When they try to click anywhere on the site, a buzzer will sound, and Isaiah Mustafa will promptly give them a scolding.

Tough Sheets- Black Leather Sheets, Because Nothing Says Luxury Like Leather

The Flattering Man- The Push Up Muscle Shirt

Serious Pulse- The Cologne With Real Protein In It

Zaneck Workouts- Illegal Neck Work Out Machine

Soul Patch Powder- Flavor Your Soul Patch

Glitz Electronics- 100% Solid Gold Headset

Brodominiums- Luxury Condo Rentals Inside A Gym

Fresh Body Coupons- Bargain Body Tattoos Of America

ID: 2320759

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