17 Reasons Working At A Movie Theater Was The Best/Worst Job You’ve Ever Had

Your job could probably be done by a robot, and the robot would do it better.

1. Cleaning up after a birthday party

the horror…

ID: 1450478

2. 95% of your job was doing nothing…

Who sees a movie at 1pm on a Tuesday? No one, that’s who

ID: 1450485

3. …until the 7pm rush


ID: 1450503

4. Getting paid way to much to do nothing

ID: 1450525

5. But not getting paid NEARLY enough to deal with the people…

ID: 1450531

6. Or the crowds…

ID: 1450534

7. Or the management…

ID: 1450538

8. Ok nevermind, you didn’t get paid enough at all

ID: 1450547

9. Working your first midnight release was kind fun

The movie starts at midnight, why are you here at 4pm??

ID: 1450511

10. Until you realized you were going to be working until at least 1:30am

ID: 1450549

11. And God forbid you ever had to work at 3am showing

ID: 1450555

12. Getting basically private early showings of movies

…in a totally empty theater.

ID: 1450521

13. Getting free tickets to EVERYTHING (mostly)

Always an easy date

ID: 1450560

14. Getting free movie posters…

Awesome room decoration!

ID: 1450573

15. But always getting stuck with the crappy ones because the good ones were already taken :(

who the hell wants a “The Guilt Trip” poster?

ID: 1450584

16. That feeling when you had an usher shift instead of concession (or box)

unless there was a birthday party

ID: 1450587

17. But really, it was all worth it for free movies (forever and ever and ever)

Oh, you haven’t worked here in 5 years? It’s ok, have a free ticket

ID: 1450614

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