21 Pokémon Being Publicly Shamed By Their Trainers

#PokéShaming is a thing that is happening on Tumblr and it’s just as wonderful as you’d expect.

1. This Arcanine who couldn’t help itself.

ID: 3406126

2. This potty-trained Espeon.

ID: 3405325

3. This Lickitung who only did what was natural.

ID: 3406472

4. This Jigglypuff who stayed true to form.

ID: 3406103

5. This Sableye who isn’t fed enough.

ID: 3406094

6. This Tyranitar who couldn’t contain its abilities.

ID: 3406108

7. This Registeel who is probably holding its trainer hostage.

ID: 3405337

8. This Gyarados who’s had one too many spicy Poffins.

ID: 3406509

9. This Gardevoir who was warned about Rule 34.

ID: 3405348

10. This well-meaning Giratina.

ID: 3405322

11. This Garbodor who is staying true to itself.

ID: 3406116

12. This Croconaw who was only trying to help.

ID: 3406201

13. This Groudon and this Kyogre who were fulfilling their destinies.

ID: 3405330

14. This Mega Swampert who’s spending too much time at the Pokémon Gym.

ID: 3406280

15. This Gible who has nothing better to do.

ID: 3406483

16. This Entei who was only taking direction from the movie director.

ID: 3406203

17. This Dratini who was trying to ward off illness.

ID: 3406211

18. This Growlithe who just can’t hold it in.

ID: 3406208

19. This Darkrai who’s painfully self-aware.

ID: 3405332

20. And this Yveltal who’s like, “same.”

ID: 3406290

21. This Magikarp who did nothing.

ID: 3406334

But then there was this trainer who absolutely deserved it.

ID: 3405254

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