Only The Best Taylor Swift Mash-Ups

A collection of the best I Knew You Were Trouble mash-ups on the internet.

1. Screaming Goat Edition

The one that started it all.

2. Motion Activated Towel Dispenser Edition

3. Best Cry Ever Edition

4. Bunny Edition

5. Nicolas Cage Edition

Even Academy Award Winner Nicolas Cage had to get in on this!

6. Chewbacca Edition

7. Dumb & Dumber Edition

8. Ginger Edition

9. Arnold Edition

10. Cat Edition

It wouldn’t be the internet without a cat video.

11. Home Alone Edition

12. Fallen Fat Kid Edition

13. Nigel Thornberry Edition

14. World of Warcraft Edition

15. Skywalker Edition

Sorry Luke, but you got nothing on Chewie.

16. Angry Climber Edition

17. Spongebob Edition

18. Meme Crossover Editions

Grape Lady

Harlem Shake (This one is pretty brutal to watch)

20. Family Guy Edition

21. At least Taylor is enjoying the attention

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