Only The Best Taylor Swift Mash-Ups

A collection of the best I Knew You Were Trouble mash-ups on the internet.

1. Screaming Goat Edition

The one that started it all.

ID: 945195

2. Motion Activated Towel Dispenser Edition

ID: 945199

3. Best Cry Ever Edition

ID: 945202

4. Bunny Edition

ID: 945204

5. Nicolas Cage Edition

Even Academy Award Winner Nicolas Cage had to get in on this!

ID: 945205

6. Chewbacca Edition

ID: 945206

7. Dumb & Dumber Edition

ID: 945207

8. Ginger Edition

ID: 945208

9. Arnold Edition

ID: 945212

10. Cat Edition

It wouldn’t be the internet without a cat video.

ID: 945218

11. Home Alone Edition

ID: 945225

12. Fallen Fat Kid Edition

ID: 945230

13. Nigel Thornberry Edition

ID: 945234

14. World of Warcraft Edition

ID: 945237

15. Skywalker Edition

Sorry Luke, but you got nothing on Chewie.

ID: 945243

16. Angry Climber Edition

ID: 945264

17. Spongebob Edition

ID: 945246

18. Meme Crossover Editions

Grape Lady

ID: 945252

Harlem Shake (This one is pretty brutal to watch)

ID: 945256

20. Family Guy Edition

ID: 945260

21. At least Taylor is enjoying the attention

ID: 945263

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