The World’s First Drone Competition Has Redefined Photography

Dronestagram just raised the bar.

This year, Dronestagram and National Geographic France have collaborated for the first annual Dronestagram Photo Contest. Amateur and professional photographers entered their images and footage, taken by cameras on remote-controlled drones. Here are the winners.

ID: 3396053

2. In first place: Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia, by Capungaero.

capungaero / Via
ID: 3389234

3. Second: Manila, Philippines, Jericsaniel.

Jericsaniel / Via
ID: 3389235

4. Third: Annecy, France, by Drone-cs.

Drone-cs / Via
ID: 3389238

5. And here are the most popular photos, according to Dronestagram users.

ID: 3389612

6. In first place: Tamull waterfall, Mexico, by Postandfly.

Postandfly / Via
ID: 3389231

7. Second: Sanary Sur Mer, France, by Jams69.

Jams69 / Via
ID: 3389233

8. Third: Sofia, Bulgaria, by IceFire.

IceFire / Via
ID: 3389232

9. The competition aside, Dronestagram continues to get some stunning photos and videos uploaded by users.

openaircam /


(left) Flying above the “Hermannsdenkmal Detmold” (hermann-monument) in Germany. (right) Scuba-diving in Surendorf, Germany.

ID: 3395973

The Go Big Project /


(left) North Shore Oahu, Hawaii. (right) An abandoned old lead mine in Wales.

ID: 3395980

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Matt Tucker is the UK picture editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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