Duckling Safety: The Most Important News Coming Out Of Washington, DC Today

What is this about a sequester? Clearly the most important news in Washington, DC this week is the issue of duckling safety.

A mother duck and her nine ducklings were spotted across from the World Bank building on Pennsylvania Avenue yesterday. Concern for their safety quickly became the capital’s top priority.

ID: 942926

A crowd quickly gathered, all deeply concerned about the duck family’s safety.

ID: 942939

The duck family was restless, so the crowd had to take action to ensure the duck family’s safe escort.

ID: 942955

Phew! The duck family was safely escorted across the first street on their procession.

ID: 942967

NBD, just a quick pit stop at the Department of the Interior. All in a day’s work for these super important ducks.

ID: 942977

Almost there!

ID: 942985

The ducklings were hesitant at first…

ID: 943008

But eventually they made the splash!

ID: 943012

And all was well again in Washington, D.C.

ID: 943159

Even FLOTUS approved

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