20 GIFs That Prove Cats Rule And Dogs Drool

Every cat has its day, right?

1. “L8r, loser.”


3. “Bai!”

4. “Idgaf.”

5. “What’d you say?”

6. “Nope.”

7. “Mine. All mine.”

8. “Stupid face.”

9. “Another stupid face.”

10. “Ok, too much.”

11. “Ugh, do I have to do everything for you?”

12. “I don’t think so, dog.”

13. “O RLY?”

14. “I’m clean and feisty.”

15. “Surprise, bitch!”

16. “Ya’ll are so basic.”

17. “Ain’t nobody mess with my bae!”

18. “COME AT ME BRO!!!”

19. “GTFO DOG”

20. I don’t even…

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