The REAL Best Thing About The New iPhone

You can clone yourself! Or your friends. Introducing the Human Panoramapede.

One of the new iPhone software features is the panorama mode:

ID: 612284

You can use it to take nice, wide photos like these, which is kinda cool. Nothing crazy, pano apps have been around for years.

Via Flickr: udohainthaler

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But you can also create some interesting, subtle distortions, like this:

ID: 610778

Or this (ghost feet!):

ID: 612314

You can also make some not-so-subtle, but still cool, distortions like this:

ID: 612247

Or this:

ID: 610781

Or this:

ID: 612319

Or this:

ID: 610782

But the COOLEST trick by far is something we like to call the…

ID: 612390

Here’s how to do it. Get at least three people — no more than five.

ID: 610783

Line them up, and start taking the panorama by walking very slowly sideways:

ID: 612353

When people leave the frame, have them run around your back and join the other side of the line.

ID: 612365

Keep going until the panorama is complete. You’ll end up with something like this:

ID: 612394

Or this, a Human Panoramapede:

ID: 610776

Anyway, it’s easy. With an iPhone 4S or 5 and a few friends you can knock one of these out in a minute flat. And there’s still a lot of room to try new stuff — we’ve only done a few. Post yours in the comments!

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