Why Everybody’s Wrong About Gingers

Gingers are awesome and special and you’re probably just jealous.

1. Everyone’s always like, “Nobody likes you cause you’re a ginger!!!”

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2. But you’re like, “Dude, look at my hair.”

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3. “I am OWNING this ginge.”

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4. But everyone still thinks you look like this.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images
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5. When actually, you’re rocking the red like this.

The Associated Press / AP
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6. And this.

David Livingston / Getty Images
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7. And this.

Michael Dwyer / AP
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8. But everyone’s still like, “Nah, we’re gonna kick you in the face.”

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9. And they think you’re gonna be like this.

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10. When actually, you’re like this.

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11. And everyone thinks you can’t go outside ‘cause you’ll burn.

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12. When actually, you’re like, “Um, maybe I just don’t want to look like this.”

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13. And everyone thinks you’re just the dumpy sidekick.

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14. When actually you’re like, “Bitch, please. I’m a ginger. I run this place.”

LOCOG, Yui Mok / AP
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15. And everyone’s all like, “Ew gross, you have freckles.”

ID: 615720

16. But you’re like, “Deal with it. I’m on fire.”

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17. But everyone’s all like, “You’re gonna eat my soul!!!”

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18. And you’re all like, “Yeah, maybe. I’m a ginger. I do what I want.”

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19. In conclusion, remember this:

ID: 617681

20. Ginger.

ID: 616147

21. Not ginger.

ID: 617409

22. Ginger.

ID: 617415

23. Not ginger.

ID: 617433

24. Gingers 4ever.

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