The 29 Weirdest Things Ever To Happen When Playing The Sims

Nothing good comes from playing God. NOTHING.

1. When you tried to make a cat, but this happened.

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2. When you wanted to bring home a nice friendly pet, but got stampeded by a herd of dogs instead.

ID: 907527

3. Whenever your Sim dropped his baby in a water tank.

ID: 907528

4. When your Sim failed to cook a delicious pie and screamed in rage.

ID: 907539

5. When your Sim’s breasts dramatically resized.

ID: 907538

6. When your Sim became too fabulous to function.

ID: 907541

7. Whenever your Sims WooHoo’d and the butler came in and jeered them.

ID: 907543

8. When your Sim was just a bad parent.

ID: 907546

9. When your Sim did stupid stuff like hold a puppy like this.

ID: 907548

10. When your Sim had a name like this.

ID: 907549

11. When your Sim’s clothes suddenly became something awful like this.

ID: 907550

13. When you realized you accidentally created a pedophile.

ID: 907551

14. Whenever your Sim freaked out like this.

ID: 907556

15. Whenever your Sim decided to become a sass monster.

ID: 907559

16. Whenever everything burst into flames and one of the Sims really enjoyed it.

ID: 907563

17. Whenever your Sim tried to take a shower but became a wondrous purple centaur instead.

ID: 907581

18. Whenever you and your Sim had the same dreams.

ID: 907531

19. Whenever your Sim started saluting in lingerie instead of holding her baby.

ID: 907584

20. Whenever your mom Sim came out and embarrassed your daughter Sim while she was talking to a cute boy.

ID: 907588

21. Whenever your Sim decided to do something stupid like get into a bathtub with a bowl of salad.

ID: 908132

22. Or have daydreams about nachos.

ID: 908133

23. When you tried creating a cat, but this happened instead.

ID: 908134

24. Whenever your Sim was literally too lazy to function.

ID: 908142

25. Or too preoccupied with fun to address emergencies.

ID: 908144

26. Whenever you created an accidentally terrifying beast like this.

ID: 908138

27. Or a terrifyingly accurate beast like this.

ID: 908149

29. And whenever your Sim died a terribly wonderful death.

ID: 907534

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