The 26 Most Difficult Things About Being Completely Flawless

It’s not easy being perfect. Trust me, I know.

1. You’re always stuck reminding people not to be emotional in your presence.

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2. You constantly have to defend yourself against people trying to steal your spotlight.

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3. Sometimes you feel bad because people are so blown away by how flawless you actually are.

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4. You have the irrepressible urge to remind everybody of your superiority.

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5. Sometimes all the attention is just overwhelming and it’s like, ugh, I wish I wasn’t so flawless right now.

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6. You get concerned sometimes because people aren’t even nearly on your level.

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7. It’s depressing how you can’t just walk into a room normally without everybody making a whole fuss about you and your flawlessness.

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8. Nobody around you is ever good enough to be around you.

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9. It’s really hard to just go to the mall without people getting all uncomfortable around you and your perfection.

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10. You’re forced to create distractions so people don’t bother you in your glory.

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11. You’re always exhausted because you constantly have to assert your superior existence.

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12. You can never just go about your daily life, because you have to make sure you look fine and fresh at all times.

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13. Everybody around you is just looking for attention and this makes you sad.

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14. Everybody around you has irrelevant opinions and this also makes you sad.

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15. Basically you’re just surrounded by people who are not as flawless as you and you have to deal with their presence.

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16. You’re always amazed at your own power and general untouchability.

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17. Sometimes you’re TOO flawless to even deal.

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18. Sometimes other people get “offended” by how flawless you actually are.

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19. And sometimes they don’t appreciate how much of a gift you are to the world.

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20. So you literally have to spend every second of your life telling everybody around you that you cannot possibly be any more important and perfect than them.

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21. You can never just relax because someone might think you’re not as flawless as you actually are.

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22. Sometimes you’re forced to pretend like you’re not flawless, just to prove to everybody that you are, in fact, perfect.

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23. You can never focus on any particular activity because you’re always reminded of how much better you are than everybody else.

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24. You have to defend yourself against people who want you or want to be like you.

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25. You get sad for other people when they idiotically forget you are all that matters.

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26. And sometimes, life is just completely emotionally overwhelming because you’re literally too perfect for other people to even comprehend.

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