The Definitive Guide To Becoming The Fiercest, Freshest, Most Fabulous Bitch There Is

Get out a pen and take notes.

1. NEVER let other people’s embarrassing mistakes stop you from being a fierce, fresh bitch.

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2. ALWAYS come prepared for any and every situation.

BOOM. Ready for your enemy’s funeral.

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3. ALWAYS draw attention to yourself, no matter how gaudy or outlandish the move.

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4. NEVER let other people throw you off your game.

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5. ALWAYS take advantage of any opportunity to flaunt your fabulousness.

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6. NEVER leave the house without looking your absolute VERY best.

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7. ALWAYS show off what makes you fabulous.

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8. NEVER let a plain bitch stop you from doing your thing.

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9. ALWAYS be confident in your breathtaking moves.

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11. NEVER, EVER give up, even when everyone and everything is against you.

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14. ALWAYS know how incredible you really are.

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15. NEVER forget that fabulousness can be inspired by pretty much anything.

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16. …and pretty much anyone.

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17. ALWAYS bring your A-game.

…and a pair of fierce running shoes to match your ferocious coat.

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18. NEVER forget to tell a lesser bitch he’s being a lesser bitch.

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19. ALWAYS acknowledge how superior you are to every other thing.

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20. NEVER acknowledge people who ogle at you.

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21. ALWAYS imagine yourself as the subject of stardom.

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22. NEVER think your look is “too big” or “too much.”

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23. And finally… Always, ALWAYS be confident in your own fine, fresh, fierce fabulousness.

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