28 Signs Your Childhood Is Over

Growing up sucks.

1. When you look like this on the swing set.

2. When you look like this in a toy car.

3. When you look like this at the pediatrician’s office.

4. When you get too big for the school bus.

5. When this happens at the McDonald’s playplace.

6. When your body gets too big for limber gymnastics.

7. When you look like this on a scooter.

8. Or this on a tricycle.

9. When you actually can’t get out of a swing.

11. When you discover other people’s bodies.

12. When you get too big to play with a kickball.

13. When you lose interest in friendly animals.

14. When your mom can’t lift you anymore.

15. When you get too big for the seesaw.

16. Or the carnival.

18. When you get too big for bike riding.

21. When your moves become too violent for kickball.

22. When this happens at the playground.

23. Or this.

25. When you take out like four kids on a water slide.

26. When this happens.

27. When the swing set tells you enough is enough.

28. And finally, when you discover you’re an alcoholic.

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