28 Signs Your Childhood Is Over

Growing up sucks.

1. When you look like this on the swing set.

ID: 749529

2. When you look like this in a toy car.

ID: 750990

3. When you look like this at the pediatrician’s office.

ID: 750991

4. When you get too big for the school bus.

ID: 750994

5. When this happens at the McDonald’s playplace.

ID: 750997

6. When your body gets too big for limber gymnastics.

ID: 751001

7. When you look like this on a scooter.

ID: 752273

8. Or this on a tricycle.

ID: 752274

9. When you actually can’t get out of a swing.

ID: 752536

10. When you start to shave.

ID: 752542

11. When you discover other people’s bodies.

ID: 752549

12. When you get too big to play with a kickball.

ID: 752553

13. When you lose interest in friendly animals.

ID: 752557

14. When your mom can’t lift you anymore.

ID: 752526

15. When you get too big for the seesaw.

ID: 752560

16. Or the carnival.

ID: 752562

17. Or tree climbing.

ID: 752567

18. When you get too big for bike riding.

ID: 753412

19. Or bunk beds.

ID: 757340

20. Or slides.

ID: 757819

21. When your moves become too violent for kickball.

ID: 753411

22. When this happens at the playground.

ID: 755928

23. Or this.

ID: 750966

24. Or this.

ID: 757825

25. When you take out like four kids on a water slide.

ID: 759317

26. When this happens.

ID: 759331

27. When the swing set tells you enough is enough.

ID: 762388

28. And finally, when you discover you’re an alcoholic.

ID: 750998

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