Rihanna Spilled Popcorn At The VMAs And Blamed It On Someone Else

God bless Rihanna.

1. So Rihanna was at the VMAs, minding her own business with a bucket of popcorn, judging Miley Cyrus…

Andrew H. Walker / WireImage
ID: 1556089

2. Trying to act like she cared, even though she didn’t care…

Andrew H. Walker / WireImage
ID: 1556094

3. And then she spilled the whole popcorn bucket on the girl next to her.

ID: 1556136

4. And then she tried to pick up a handful and pretend like it didn’t happen.

ID: 1556141

5. Except it did happen, and then she tried to just dance it off.

ID: 1556140

6. But then she was like, “I’m gonna just throw it on this girl’s chair.”

ID: 1556139

7. And then she was like, “Shh.”

ID: 1556143

8. Then when she saw the moment on Instagram, she commented and said: “I put it ON the seat in front me! Homegirl sat right on it”

by Larry Busacca / Getty Images for MTV
ID: 1556227

9. Watch the whole moment:

ID: 1556215

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