29 Reasons You Might Actually Be Squidward

Do you hate work and life and everyone and everything around you? You just found a friend.

1. Nobody appreciates your abundant skill and artistry.

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2. You really don’t care about anything.

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3. You really wish you weren’t *here* right now.

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4. “Serving up smiles” sounds like the worst thing in the entire world.

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5. Your neighbors are always out to ruin your day.

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6. You never actually get to have fun.

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7. And when people try to get you to do fun things, it’s like…

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8. Because you hate everyone.

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9. You think life is absolutely miserable.

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10. And love is elusive.

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11. And the future is horrifying.

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12. You might actually be single forever.

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13. Your job kinda sucks.

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14. And sometimes you just want someone to smash you in the head.

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15. You want to block out all the people who drive you CRAZY.

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16. Someone always snatches your chance at happiness.

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17. You get yourself into awful situations.

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18. And sometimes you feel like, “UGH. Not today.”

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19. Because you’ll probably just get another migraine.

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20. And will go through the day like this:

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22. You’re quietly desperate.

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23. You have no soul (and are proud of it).

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24. You get into confrontations, and then back down because the other person is hot.

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25. BUT you actually have a life.

ID: 985116

26. An IMPORTANT life.

ID: 985047

27. And you can block out the people that annoy you.

ID: 985130

28. And basically be your sassy self because you’re Squidward Tentacles…

ID: 985202

29. And you can be your fine, miserable self.

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