Probably The Most Accurate Thing Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Ever Said

JGL dropped some absolute truth on The Colbert Report. And there’s proof.

1. So Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on The Colbert Report, just chatting about things like life and movies and, you know, masturbation.

ID: 1703388

2. And Stephen was like, “Um, I don’t masturbate to pornography…”

ID: 1703387

3. And JGL was like, “Yeah, totally, me neither. Well said, sir.”

ID: 1703385

4. And THEN… while they were giggling…

ID: 1703390

5. JGL decides to drop this absolute truth bomb.

ID: 1703391

6. And then JGL laughs because he knows it’s true. Everybody knows it’s true.

ID: 1703393

7. And then Stephen is like, “You should make this official. Because this is true. Everybody knows it’s true.”

ID: 1703389

8. So, basically, JGL knows that people find this attractive…

ID: 1703459

9. And sometimes people think about him doing this.

ID: 1703458

11. And basically just a lot of this.

ID: 1703451

12. And in conclusion “People masturbate to me” is by far the truest and most appropriate thing Joseph Gordon-Levitt has ever said.

ID: 1703456

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