19 People Who Are Doing Snapchat Just Right

Take note, Snapchatters. These people know just what they’re doing with a camera.

1. Whoever foresaw his future with the TSA.

ID: 1603679

2. Whoever solved this riddle with the only logical solution.

ID: 1603682

3. Whoever captured this moment of sexual bliss.

ID: 1604412

4. Whoever made this incredibly important arrival.

ID: 1581919

5. Whoever sent this sick burn.

ID: 1605558

6. Whoever was healed by good ol’ Abe.

ID: 1604363

7. Whoever was in the room with this friendly cat.

ID: 1598413

8. Whoever sent this wonderfully uplifting message.

ID: 1605569

9. Whoever sent this flawless pick-up line.

ID: 1605965

10. Whoever found this beautiful Snapchat version of Adele.

ID: 1605967

11. Whoever made this groundbreaking discovery about Frankie Muniz.

ID: 1605982

12. Whoever realized what Elf On The Shelf has been really thinking all along.

ID: 1605990

13. Whoever mourned this poor white girl.

ID: 1605993

14. Whoever desperately wanted those nudes.

Note: Dog was not harmed in pursuit of nudes.

ID: 1605996

15. Whoever captured this dog’s wrenching heartache.

ID: 1607294

16. Whoever discovered that the trees don’t know your secrets.

ID: 1608215

17. Whoever wrote this book.

ID: 1608216

18. Whoever discovered that this innocent angel isn’t so innocent.

ID: 1608485

19. And Justin Bieber.

ID: 1603688

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