17 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence Won The Golden Globes

J-Law is awkward and perfect and I hope she never changes.

1. First off, because she generally looked flawless and OWNED the red carpet…

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2. Because she fired an arrow at Billy Bush.

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3. And because she threw an arrow at Ryan Seacrest.

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4. Because she was modest about her fashion.

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5. Because she wouldn’t touch Ryan Seacrest.

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6. Because Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig presented her Golden Globe and it was all perfect.

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Actually a flawless reference to The First Wives Club.

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8. Because she thanked Harvey Weinstein for killing someone.

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9. Because she gave love to Bradley Cooper who was all like AWWWW.

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10. Because she whipped out this fab jacket.

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11. Because she rubbed elbows with Jodie Foster.

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12. Because she literally had no idea what was happening backstage in front of the press.

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13. Because she demanded that they ask her questions.

ID: 808095

14. Because she knows how awkward everything about the Golden Globes is.

ID: 808096

15. Because she made this face.

ID: 807932

16. And this one.

ID: 807933

17. And because she’s Jennifer Lawrence and she’s awkward and perfect and she wins everything always.

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