33 Mouthwatering Ways To Make Focaccia

Did you know that focaccia is naturally vegan? Olive oil FTW.

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Focaccia is one of my favorite breads to make. It’s relatively easy, and totally vegan since you don’t need any milk, and use a shit ton of olive oil instead of butter.

I actually learned how to make focaccia from one of the great culinary minds of our generation:

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2. Anne Burrell (@ChefAnneBurrell on Twitter)

Who doesn’t love Secrets of a Restaurant Chef?

In the episode where she introduced her now famous focaccia recipe, Anne gives us two basic tips:

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3. Make sure to use a lot of olive oil.

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You should use at least 1/2 a cup for a single sheet of focaccia.

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4. And, poke holes in the dough with your fingers.

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It may seem odd, but this is what gives you a nice lumpy focaccia.

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Now that we’ve got the basics covered, here are my favorite focaccia recipes.

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6. 1. Anne’s Classic Focaccia

There are only 5 ingredients in Anne’s recipe. It makes a double batch, which could be problematic, but can you ever have too much homemade focaccia?

ID: 2348558

7. 2. Rosemary Focaccia

Add a little bit of fresh rosemary for flavor focaccia that goes with pretty much everything. Recipe here.

ID: 2349143

8. 3. Country Potato Focaccia

Use a combination of sourdough and whole wheat for this potato focaccia. Recipe here.

ID: 2351825

9. 4. Cranberry Pumpkin Focaccia

Seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Recipe here.

ID: 2355111

10. 5. Super Food Focaccia Buns

Made with flax seeds, kale, quinoa, and bell peppers. Recipe here.

ID: 2348878

11. 6. Olive and Basil Focaccia

Basic focaccia topped with kalamata olives and basil. Recipe here.

ID: 2351682

12. 7. French Onion Focaccia

Including tips for baking focaccia at high altitudes. Recipe here.

ID: 2348907

13. 8. Sweet Potato Focaccia

Topped with rosemary and sea salt. Recipe here.

ID: 2355069

14. 9. Corn and Potato Focaccia Cakes (Gluten-Free)

Served with caramelized onion jam in the photo above. Recipe here.

ID: 2349283

15. 10. Roasted Garlic Focaccia

Roast your garlic before using it in your focaccia for a more developed flavor. Recipe here.

ID: 2351733

16. 11. Fig Focaccia

Basic focaccia dough topped with fresh figs and rosemary. Recipe here.

ID: 2351902

17. 12. Grape and Fennel Seed Spelt Focaccia

With Sea Salt and Basil. Recipe here.

ID: 2355167

18. 13. Sourdough Chili Oil Focaccia

Drizzle your focaccia with chili oil instead of olive oil for a bit of heat. Recipe here.

ID: 2355917

19. 14. Meyer Lemon Focaccia

Can be made with regular lemons if you can’t find meyers. Recipe here.

ID: 2355239

20. 15. Mini Focaccia Rolls

Sprinkled with olive oil, salt and Zaatar. Recipe here.

ID: 2355305

21. 16. Rasin Focaccia

Made sure to rehydrate raisins by soaking them in hot water. Recipe here.

ID: 2355611

22. 17. Strawberry Focaccia with Maple-Balsamic Onions

Both sweet and savory at the same time. Recipe here.

ID: 2355435

23. 18. Whole Wheat Jalapeño Focaccia

Made with jalapeños and cilantro. Recipe here.

ID: 2355776

24. 19. Pomegranate Quinoa Focaccia

Made with bread flour and cooked quinoa. Topped with caramelized onions and pomegranates. Recipe here.

ID: 2355832

25. 20. Sourdough Potato and Heb Focaccia

Sourdough focaccia topped with potatoes and herbs. Recipe here.

ID: 2351781

26. 21. Avocado Focaccia

Use a ripe avocado in your focaccia dough. Recipe here.

ID: 2355977

27. 22. Thyme and Garlic Focaccia

Basic focaccia seasoned flavored with thyme. Recipe here.

ID: 2356011

28. 23. Cherry Almond Focaccia

Perfect to serve next time you host brunch. Recipe here.

ID: 2355580

29. 24. Gluten-Free Garlic and Tomato Focaccia

Made with sorghum and millet flours. Recipe here.

ID: 2349301

30. 25. Parsley and Pepper Focaccia

Basic focaccia recipe flavored with black pepper, parsley, and garlic. Recipe here.

ID: 2349508

31. 26. Gluten-Free Zucchini Basil Focaccia

Basil in the dough, sliced zucchinis on top. Recipe here.

ID: 2349501

32. 27. Black Olive and Sun Dried Tomato Focaccia

With a bit of basil for an herby flavor. Recipe here.

ID: 2351702

33. 28. Parmesan Sage Focaccia

Obviously this one’s not vegan since it uses parmesan cheese. You could definitely substitute nutritional yeast or GoVeggie Parmesan Style Topping if you are a strict vegan. Recipe here.

ID: 2351923

34. 29. Artichoke and Roasted Red Pepper Focaccia

Another one that calls for parmesan, so bust out your cheese substitutes if you’re a strict vegan. Recipe here.

ID: 2355323

35. 30. Wholemeal Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Focaccia

If you really want to impress, try making your own sun-dried tomatoes. Recipe here.

ID: 2355215

36. 31. Gluten-Free Onion Focaccia

Made with a gluten-free white bead flour. Recipe here.

ID: 2349468

37. 32. Potato and Caramelized Onion Focaccia

Use a mashed potato in your dough with this focaccia. Recipe here.

ID: 2351959

38. 33. Broccoli Rabe and Tomato Focaccia

If using dried tomatoes, be sure to rehydrate. Recipe here.

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