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    • marku2

      Single mother of 4. Too big ofaresponsibility for1parent to handle withaspecial needs child.Iwould like to hear more about the great life she is giving her children. After all, she finally gotajob with insurance, after beinga”free lance” writer, musician, and what ever. It seems to me like mom was focusing on her needs for quite some time. AllIcan say is when you have4children looking at1parent for their support system. You buck up, getajob with insurance, and take care of business. It is ultimately the parent(s) responsibility to raise their children to be adults. That may require outside help from social services, doctors, teachers….But it is their responsibility to get them help. If jail is the only avenue, then jail it is. Before anyone thinks I’m knocking single mothers. This goes for single fathers as well as dead beat fathers. You had the children, now take care of them and raise them right. Getajob, lead by example…