Why PSY Is The New King Of YouTube

We, as citizens of the internet, have lived under the tyranny of Justin Bieber for too long. “Gangnam Style” has overtaken “Baby” in views, and it won’t be long until the Canadian upstart is a distant memory. Here’s why:

1. He brings generations together

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2. Flashmobs will defy the law to dance Gangnam Style

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3. He’s humble

When I realized that some top stars like have imagined or tweeted about me, I thought, ‘That’s joking. That’s not gonna happen…’ I never expect things like this, not because they are top stars, but because this is the biggest market in the universe for pop music, right, so everybody’s dreaming about having appearance in the U.S. so I’m still saying, ‘What going on here? This is beautiful.

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4. Even though he’s gained the attention of the UN…and shown it’s leader how to dance.

Heeeeey, sexy leader…

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5. He doesn’t forget where he came from, and rocks the house like none other

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6. He doesn’t wince when 90s sex symbols try to mack on him.

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7. He goes with the flow…

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8. and sometimes teaches them how to dance.

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9. He doesn’t throw up on stage.

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10. And if he did, the singing wouldn’t continue.

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11. He doesn’t turn around to watch the explosion…

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12. He doesn’t mind looking ridiculous…

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13. Or making badasses look ridiculous, either.

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14. He gives props where props are due…

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15. Which is why people make “Sexy Latte” art with his face…

ID: 710910

16. So sorry, Beiber…

ID: 710912

17. But the throne belongs to PSY

ID: 710913

18. And even though your demise is swiftly approaching…

ID: 710914

19. PSY will probably still be cool to you…

ID: 710915

20. Even when he’s the first to hit 1 Billion YouTube views…

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21. That’s why he’s the new King…

ID: 710917

22. He’s just that awesome

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23. Oh, did we mention he went to Berklee?

ID: 710919

24. PEACE!

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