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  • Damn affordable shopping

    For the sake of style and fashion here are a few useful statements and tricks to get the finest at the most affordable price. A dress designed by Oscar de La Renta and a LK Bennett pair of Mary-Jane are out of reach for most of us. Good news, fashion and style have nothing to do with money. Fashion is a hot mess of taste, creativity, fabric, love and resources. Fashion can be as thrilling as a love affair. Starring: your body, a real sense of style, a drop of inspiration and a lot of creativity. Stick to one rule: Well-dressed is not about trends, it is about spotting the best fit. Starving for the greatest apparel at bargain rates? Here it is: my way to rock the streets as if they were catwalks.

    thisismariehelene 2 months ago respond

  • Des Bureaux Où Le Monde Entier Veut Travailler

    Un environnement de travail féérique pour des employés plus heureux et plus performants est désormais un rêve devenu réalité. Qu’il s’agisse d’Open Spaces façon tropiques, d’églises où les sièges sont en forme de ballons et ou la pause lunch est animée de partie de flipper ou de baby foot rien n’est impossible ! Vous êtes prêt ? Découvrez des bureaux où l’on aimerait carrément vivre.

    thisismariehelene 3 months ago respond

  • 3 Outstanding Kickstarter Projects From Amsterdam

    Kickstarter landed in Holland last April and already we can spot a few things Amsterdam’s folks rock pretty hard. Nothing about smoking some fancy/magic plant nor about tulips or Rembrandt, nothing that looks like hookers either. It is all about beauty, outstanting creativity, innovation or whatever implies resourceful and creative minds. Simple and efficient as the Dutch always do it.

    thisismariehelene 4 months ago 1 response