Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 Recap In Gif Form

gif Recap of Game of Thrones episode “The Climb”

So this episode is called “The Climb.”

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Now that I’ve gotten THAT out of my system, I love the little Sam-Gilly-Incest Baby moment but if you’re going to introduce the dragonglass dagger again, then he better use it soon.

ID: 1141329

Is it just me or did it sound like Meera said “So you could’ve [cunt] punted the rabbits to death,” when retorting Osha?

Yeah, no…that was just me.

ID: 1141350

Ygritte is different from the books…she’s even better. Rose Leslie brings some warmth to Kit Harington’s Jon that just makes my own heart warm.

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Wish Tormund Giantsbane was more colorful on the show. Maybe Ygritte stole some of his mojo.

ID: 1335777

Melisandre meeting Arya is weird. I don’t like it.

ID: 1335782

I still think it’s weird that Thoros of Myr is a white ginger. Just sayin’.

ID: 1335784

Hahahahaha watching Melisandre freaking out over Beric Dondarrion is worth this bizarro encounter.

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ID: 1335790

The actual Climb is more terrifying than Miley Cyrus.

ID: 1335791

It’s scenes like this where you can really see the money HBO’s invested in the show.

ID: 1335792

OMG Ramsay you’re such a dick.

ID: 1335793

“If you think this is going to have a happy ending, then you haven’t been paying attention.” Chilling. And true.

ID: 1335795

I don’t understand why people can say Joffrey’s worse than Ramsay—imagine in Ramsay had the resources and power of Joffrey. Ugh, on second thought, don’t.

ID: 1335796

You Freys with your little leather caps can go FUCK OFF.

ID: 1335797

You too Roose, you too.

ID: 1335799

Jaime and Brienne’s rapport is just…ugh, that’s love, man.

ID: 1335801

Tywin and Oleanna play “Which is More Shameful to the Family: Homosexuality or Incest?” It’s one of my favorite pasttimes.

ID: 1335802

DAMN that Wall is huge.

ID: 1335803

Oh Sansa, honey, that boy is just not that into you.

ID: 1335804

I love this scene with Cersei and Tyrion and their newfound relationship and semblance of respect and kinship.

ID: 1335805

BUT I feel like the revelation that Joffrey ordered his Kingsguard to kill Tyrion at Blackwater was too subtle for audiences to fully grasp.

ID: 1335806

Most anticipated reunion: JAIME AND CERSEI

ID: 1335810

This IS awkward…

ID: 1335817

What’s up with Littlefinger’s voice this season? Sounds a touch more Bond villain than usual.

ID: 1335820

Varys-Littlefinger scenes.

ID: 1335822

Team Varys all the way.

ID: 1335823

Oh the beauty of Ygritte-Jon is making me sad…

ID: 1335827

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