The Many Joys Of Jelly Shoes

These PVC gems were the definitive shoe of your childhood. They’re making a comeback.

1. No one can forget the thrill of wearing their first pair of jellies.

ID: 806895

2. Perhaps they were sparkly.

ID: 806804

3. Or Classic Black.

ID: 806929

4. Precariously platformed.

ID: 806960

7. Or glow-in-the-dark.

ID: 806824

8. Some were neon rad.

ID: 807083

9. Others boldly opaque.

ID: 807284

10. A special few were psychedelic tie-dye.

ID: 807591

11. But more often than not, irresistibly sparkly.

ID: 807136

12. Very, very sparkly.

ID: 807151

13. For getting fancy, the heeled jelly was a perfect option.

ID: 808046

14. Whether you owned one pair, a closet full, or were sorely deprived, it was hard not to covet the infinite options.

ID: 807478

15. Inexplicably beloved by all, there was no wrong way to wear the jelly.

ID: 807360

16. With some feminine socks, they were classic.

ID: 806787

19. Always a good choice for the pool.

ID: 808180

20. A snarky addition to hipster chic.

ID: 806811

21. The ultimate way to show of socks with sass.

ID: 806889

25. But perhaps they were best complemented by the requisite ’90s anklet.

ID: 807520

27. Perfect for every age and size.

ID: 807506

28. And the coyest of ways to flaunt a snazzy pedi.

ID: 807127

29. It’s hard to compete with this fetching jelly-overall ensemble.

ID: 808211

30. Even “The Dude” sported jellies in “The Big Lebowski” (1998).

ID: 808125

31. But such beauty brings pain, and jellies were no exception.

There was no way around the jelly shoe blister.

ID: 807678

32. And with ionic style came an iconic stench.

Rubber + sweat = rough times in the world of foot odor. But hey, at least we looked adorable.

ID: 807667

33. Unless you opted for this supportive variety, the ankle sprain was a perpetual risk.

ID: 807699

34. And for those of us left out of the trend, life was tough for a little while.

ID: 807213

35. But no need to be jelly! Like all the best looks of yore, jellies are making a well-deserved comeback.

In June 2012, Azealia Banks wore coral jelly shoes in London. Even designers like Marc Jacobs are following suit with wood-soled incarnations of the classics (upper right).

ID: 806699

JuJu “Maxi” jellies, featured in a Charlotte Righton runway show.

ID: 808005

Diane von Furstenberg “Jaya” Jelly Sandals

ID: 809580

Vivienne Westwood Wing Jellies

ID: 809634

39. Long live the jelly, in all its glitter glory.

ID: 807278

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