30 Pictures Of Dogs Beating You At Valentine’s Day

If only we were all so charming.

1. Desperate and dateless, this German Shepherd does some preliminary research.

ID: 862071

2. This Maltese couple — already lucky in love — braves morning breath for a sleepy smooch.

ID: 864721

3. Careful not to awaken his lady, this Golden Retriever sneaks downstairs to whip up some breakfast.

ID: 860789

4. Sensing his absence, she daydreams wistfully about the day they met, awaiting his return.

ID: 864884

5. Breakfast in bed is served.

In life (as in love), the duo goes halfsies.

ID: 864520

6. This Collie’s beau treats her to a day at the spa.

ID: 865050

7. …and of course, a couple’s facial and massage.

ID: 865031

8. After some quality time together, lovers part ways to prepare for the big night.

ID: 865129

9. Anxious to impress her main squeeze, this Maltese Shih Tzu practices her pole-dancing routine.

ID: 862948

10. Not to be outdone, this Chihuaha rehearses some sexy salsa moves of his own.

ID: 862999

11. This hound dog composes some ballads to perform for his muse.

ID: 861794

12. This little Pomeranian packs a suitcase for the surprise getaway he’s planned.

ID: 862976

13. This Pug makes sure that at least his socks will be wrinkle-free.

ID: 862109

14. This handsome devil gets fancy for the apple of his eye.

ID: 864396

15. For this special occasion, this hound splurges on a blow-out.

ID: 861921

16. In the spirit of classic romance, these debs put on their best pearls.

ID: 861815

18. In anticipation of his date’s arrival, this anxious Weimaraner starts prepping his elaborate menu.

ID: 863143

19. This Black Labrador revisits some Shakespeare to get in the mood.

ID: 863326

20. This canine chemist concocts a quick love potion.

ID: 862151

21. Hoping he’ll get lucky later, this Frenchie gets limber with some up-dogs.

ID: 862046

22. Fresh-picked bouquet at the ready, this Goldendoodle awaits his fair maiden in the meadow.

ID: 862931

23. This mutt gives himself a final pep talk before turning on the charm.

ID: 864318

24. Dressed to the nines, the lady of the evening appears, and not a minute too late.

This Great Dane planned to play it cool, but in the end, she just couldn’t help herself.

ID: 863054

25. He is ready.

Game on, girlfriend.

ID: 860796

26. Eyes locked, they dine in candlelight.

ID: 865373

27. She enjoys a glass of wine as hubby puts the finishing touches on dessert.

ID: 863244

28. They model each other’s gifts.

ID: 865776

29. Ooh la la!

ID: 865424

30. By all accounts, these dogs have serious game.

ID: 865881

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