24 Thrift Shop Items You Should Never Buy

Because all bargains are not created equal.

1. Cups You Can’t Actually Drink Out Of

ID: 810299

2. Things That Once Touched Raw Meat

ID: 810361

4. Things Handled by Kinky Previous Owners

You don’t know where their hands have been.

ID: 810378

Vintage Porn

ID: 813058

5. This Deep Fryer That’s Seen One Too Many Batches of Chicken

ID: 810791

6. Bathing Suits


ID: 810902

7. Mattresses

ID: 810986

8. Insulting Reminders

When tempted, always ask yourself: “Where will I put this?”

ID: 801101

9. Makeup

Have mercy on your pores.

ID: 811010

10. Granny’s Ice Tongs

You never know where they’ve been.

ID: 811043

11. Pillows


ID: 811089

12. Adult Bearded Dragon Food


ID: 811142

13. This Open Bag of Adult Diapers

ID: 811226

14. Helmets

Designed to weather a single impact, they aren’t too useful a second time around.

ID: 812615

15. Old Blenders

Are they ever really clean?

ID: 812690

16. This Dispenser of Half-Used Mystery Fluid


ID: 811241

17. Wigs

Lice removal can cost hundreds of dollars. Do the math.

ID: 812793

18. Used Bedding

ID: 812798

19. Stuffed Animals

Stuff is definitely hiding in the fuzz.

ID: 812933

20. Anything Ostensibly Edible

Even Fluff expires eventually.

ID: 812946

21. Games with Missing Pieces

ID: 812989

22. Bowling Shoes

So. Many. Feet.

ID: 813033

23. Halogen Lamps

We now know they are fire hazards.

ID: 813112

24. Hemorrhoidal Suppositories

The shame alone could kill you.

ID: 811153

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