24 Signs You May Be A Third Wheel

Unicycles are badass. When in doubt, roll solo.

1. Everyone is having a grand old time, but no one seems to care about your opinion.

It’s OK, Harry. You’re the world’s most eligible bachelor.

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2. It’s time for video games, but your pals have other kinds of scoring in mind.

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3. You suddenly realize you have all the snacks to yourself.

ID: 819540

Food will definitely fill the emptiness inside.

ID: 815559

4. You realize that sidewalks aren’t wide enough for three people.

Death by car, or trail awkwardly behind?

ID: 815556

5. Doing anything together becomes virtually impossible.

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6. Your companions shamelessly make plans that don’t involve you.

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7. You try to distract them from their tunnel vision of love, but to no avail.

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8. After tirelessly wingmanning like a champion…

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…your selflessness just leaves you hanging.

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9. You’re asked to hold purses and nurse drinks while your friends get their groove on.


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10. Slow songs inspire desperation.

ID: 827089

11. Bartenders may take pity on you with free drinks and false empathy.

ID: 819810

12. When you’re trying to enjoy a movie, you can’t ignore the rom-com subplot playing out next to you.

UGH. Get a room.

ID: 820289

13. You find your eyes begin to tire from all the rolling.

ID: 815524

14. You may even develop a deep resentment of all people, and yearn for the comfort of isolation.

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15. You try really hard to keep up with the conversation.

Luke Macgregor / Reuters
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16. You may even pretend like you know what’s going on.

Luke Macgregor / Reuters
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17. But there’s just no popping the lovebird bubble.

ID: 820441

18. You keep telling yourself you’re soooooooo happy they’re so happy.

This isn’t awkward AT ALL.

ID: 815525

But in your heart of hearts, you feel a little more like this.

ID: 815471

19. Photobombing becomes the only viable method of participation.

ID: 820225

20. You may even feel this powerful urge.

Revenge can be sweet.

ID: 826303

21. When you fail to catch on, your friends suddenly have pressing engagements.

ID: 820644

22. They might try to pawn you off on someone else.

ID: 820720

23. The worst sign is when they just ignore you completely.

ID: 815475

24. And chances are, if your best friends cling to each other in times of mortal peril, you’re probably a third wheel.

Read the tea leaves, dummy.

ID: 815506

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