What It Feels Like To Quit Smoking


1. So you’ve decided to quit smoking. That’s awesome!

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2. You can totally do this.

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3. You SO don’t need cigarettes.

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4. Your friends might not believe you can do it.

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5. But you know they’re wrong.

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6. Step 1: Get rid of any cigarettes you have. Out of sight, out of mind.

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7. Now do your happy dance because you KNOW that felt great.

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8. But five minutes later, reality sets in.

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9. Uh oh.

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10. It’s OK, you’ll just chew some gum.

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11. Keep chewing, keep chewing, keep chewing. This will work eventually, right?

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12. UGH, who are you kidding, gum isn’t satisfying. Just eat something instead.

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14. Now you don’t know what to do with your hands.

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15. So you start nervously fidgeting.

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16. And subconsciously putting your hand to your mouth.

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17. Your body is feeling out of control.

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18. It’s like you’re overtaken by itches you can’t scratch.

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19. Your friends are getting worried about you.

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20. So they suggest you go out with them tonight.

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21. But “out” is where the people are. THE PEOPLE WHO SMOKE.

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22. Finally, you cave because you’re feeling vulnerable.

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23. But as soon as you get to the bar, you spot them: THE SMOKERS.

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24. As you catch a whiff of smoke, your temper starts flaring.

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26. So you quietly leave before this escalates out of control.

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27. At home, you can’t stop feeling sorry for yourself.

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28. You could try a nicotine patch, but they give you weird dreams at night.

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29. And the medications to stop smoking are so expensive.

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30. Your friends keep trying to encourage you.

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31. And giving you “helpful” advice.

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32. But that only makes it worse.

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33. You start to regret the first time you ever had a cigarette.

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34. And resent the celebrities who made it look so cool.

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35. You feel like an 11-year-old girl on her period.

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36. Other times, you suffer from rage blackouts.

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37. Will it always be this hard?

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38. But FINALLY, one fine day, you come to a realization.

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39. Smoking doesn’t define you.

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40. Sometimes you almost cave and buy a pack, but you quickly snap out of it.

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41. Because actually, there are a lot of upsides to being a non-smoker.

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42. Your sense of smell is better.

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43. You feel richer because you’re not having to buy cigarettes all the time.

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44. You can run without feeling like your lungs are on fire.

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45. You’re IN CONTROL.

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46. You got this.

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47. And it feels damn good.

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