17 Wishes The Make-A-Wish Foundation Has Granted This Year

From bedroom makeovers to celebrity meet and greets, here’s just a sampling of the wishes the Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted in 2013.

1. Spending a day with the Stanley Cup

Hockey fanatic Logan was given possession of the Cup for a whole day.

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2. Touring a gaming studio

Ryan got an all-access tour of his favorite gaming studio, KingsIsle Studios. Makers of the game Pirate101 even created a character based off of him, named Ryan the Relentless.

ID: 1396417

3. Riding in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car

Oliver got to ride in the magical car from the classic 1968 film.

ID: 1397206

4. Becoming a cowboy

Joe Joe got outfitted in new cowboy gear, participated in rodeo activities, and received a trophy naming him Cowboy of the Year.

ID: 1396412

5. Going to Gettysburg

History buff Trey and his family got VIP treatment at the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee re-enactment.

ID: 1396477

6. Meeting the Minnesota Vikings

Nicholas had an awesome Vikings-themed party and is scheduled to travel to Minnesota this fall to meet his favorite NFL team in person.

ID: 1396403

7. Attending a model horse conference

Horse lover and model horse collector Ariel got to go to BreyerFest, a three-day model horse conference in Lexington, Ky.

ID: 1396407

8. Meeting WWE Star John Cena

During an interview on the Today show, Nick was surprised by wrestler John Cena, and even got to hold his championship belt.

ID: 1396440

9. Getting a purple playhouse

A volunteer work crew built an adorable purple playhouse in three-year-old Jessica’s backyard.

ID: 1397166

10. Going to the MLB All-Star Game

Seven kids and their families got the VIP treatment for all the weekend’s festivities, watching the game from private suites and meeting several MLB players.

ID: 1396435

11. Meeting a real wolverine

No, he didn’t meet Hugh Jackman. Instead, Cason and his family traveled to Alaska, where he came face-to-face with his favorite animal.

ID: 1396515

12. Managing the Oakland A’s

Janelle was an honorary manager of the Oakland A’s and delivered the team’s lineup for a game against the Red Sox. She also got a meet-and-greet with the players and a tour of the stadium.

ID: 1396601

13. Learning how video games are made

Wade visited Robot Entertainment’s studios, where he to see how games are made. The studio even created an in-game model of Wade as a character in one of its upcoming games.

ID: 1396533

14. Getting a bedroom makeover

Lacey’s bedroom was transformed into a fairy and fantasy-themed wonderland.

ID: 1396628

15. Learning to bake

Alexis rode in a limo to a local bakery, where she learned how to make cookies and other desserts.

ID: 1396588

16. Traveling to Disney World

Sapphire’s dream of meeting the Disney princesses came true when she and her family took a trip to Disney World.

ID: 1396621

17. Playing basketball with LeBron James

The Heat invited Thiago to one of their practices, where he played alongside the team, got a ton of free swag, and even had a shooting contest with James.

ID: 1396658

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