23 Gifts That Look Good Enough To Eat

Delectable yet 100% inedible. Who could resist?

1. Scented Macaroon Coin Purses

Trés petit! Trés chic! Trés crave-inducing!

$14.79 from Firebox

ID: 2344384

2. Cinnamon Bun Soaps

Dangerous to possess due to the fact that I would absolutely try to eat these.

$6.95 from Etsy

ID: 2344452

3. Beloved Shirts, Leggings, Pillows, Etc.

Mouthwatering prints so realistic, you’ll drool just wearing them. Get everything - from sweatshirts, to onesies, to socks!

Prices vary at Beloved Shirts.

ID: 2346877

4. Donut Pool Raft

Ttyl, floatin’ away in my donut. Hope I don’t get soggy.

$24 from Urban Outfitters

ID: 2346538

5. Gummy Bear Lighting

Widely circulated on pinterest and tumblr, this lamp ACTUALLY EXISTS! If you have enough money to buy it and make your home edible, more power to ya!

$6,500 from Jellio.

ID: 2346711

6. Banana Salt & Pepper Shakers

These are extremely a-peeling to my taste buds.

$42 from Still House

ID: 2346575

7. Blueberry Gelato Bath Bomb

Somehow this product looks more realistic than the ice-cream I ate for dessert tonight.

$6.99 from Fortune Cookie Soap

ID: 2346576

8. Cookie & Cracker Notepads

Crumbs not included

$16.49 at Firebox

ID: 2346600

9. Smartphone Food Stands

So realistic it’s almost unbearable.

Prices vary on Amazon

ID: 2434393

10. Vegetabrellas

If the forecast reads cloudy with a chance of ranch, can I eat these?

$47.25 from Nihon Ichiban.

ID: 2346657

11. Baked Potato Beanbag

I’ll be having sweet, buttery dreams on this.

$200+ from Etsy.

ID: 2346706

12. Demeter Food Fragrances

You’ve heard of their new pizza scent, but did you know Demeter offers dozens more food essences from sushi to Irish cream?

$20/1oz bottle at Demeter.

ID: 2346736

13. Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper

Oh - the gift’s inside? -stops chewing paper-

$20 from Gift Couture.

ID: 2346761

14. Vanilla Milkshake Candles

This milkshake brings all the heat to ma house! And they’re like, it’s hotter than yours. I can teach you, but I have to charge…

…$33.79 to my credit card. From Etsy.

ID: 2346729

15. Sushi Roll Doormat

Sushi and saki for your sockies

$24.95 from Amazon.

ID: 2346733

16. Watermelon USB Flash Drive

I. am. salivating.

$11.99 from amazon

ID: 2346751

17. Oreo Plugs for Stretched Ears

If you give a mouse a piercing, he’s going to want some milk.

$26 from Etsy.

ID: 2346785

18. What-A-Melon Tent

I admit - not the most practical tent. The yummiest? Yes. Check out their other sick tent designs too.

$649.53 at Field Candy

ID: 2434634

19. Burger Cooler

Chill your beer OR your burgers.

$30 at Urban Outfitters.

ID: 2346787

20. Pocky Chopsticks

Pocky chopsticks are so cuuuute - just don’t accidentally eat them.

$12.50 from FAB

ID: 2434412

21. Scented Gummy Bear Earbuds

Listen to your beats through these scented treats

$7.98+ on Amazon

ID: 2434548

22. Honey Pot Lip Balm

Skin Food honey pots come with their own honey dipper! Awesome photo by Liebelle Beauty Blog.

$5.29 on Amazon

ID: 2434704

23. Dipped Cone Lamps

Delicious, right down to the sprinkle details.

$82.27 from Alex Garnett

ID: 2434688

Bon Appétit!

ID: 2435112

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