Madman Felton
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  • Avatar’s Oscar Conspiracy

    Nikki Fink at Deadline Hollywood has opened a whole cann of Woopass on the Oscar season with a conspiracy theory that would make Oliver Stone orgasm. Head of the Academy: former Fox executive Oscar Executive Producer: former Fox executive Oscar Executive Producer: current Fox Television Star. Academy Board of Governors Chair: Current Fox executive. You can kind of see where this one is going, but it also includes some sort of an e-mail scandal, and lots of crazy paranoia. It sure looks like someone is circling the wagons to fix these Oscars in Avatar’s favor.

    Madman Felton 5 years ago respond

  • The Game That Wouldn’t Die.

    In a story that fits somewhere between amazing sports theater and Guinness World Record Stunt, Syracuse men’s basketball wins against the University of Connecticut in the SIXTH OVERTIME. You read this right. Six. Statistically, these teams played 1.75 games. You could not get this game to end. By the time this video was shot, everyone was very punch drunk, so many people had fouled out that even Otto the Orange was fouling out. Somehow Jim Boeheim’s nose managed to stay awake. Watch Video ›

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  • The National Museum of Pasta

    What’s Rome’s biggest draw these days? The Colosseum? Guess again. This tourist trap is noodling its way up Google Trends right now. Nevermind the politically restrictive regime in power. Let’s talk Pasta.

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  • Bird Is The Word

    A recent episode of “Family Guy” generated new interest in the 1964 hit song “Surfin Bird” by Minnesota surf band “The Trashmen” Does this song have what it takes to become the definative MEME of October 2008? Judge for yourself: this video of the song already has 0ver 2,800 comments. Watch Video ›

    Madman Felton 6 years ago 1 response