18 Things Teachers Say Versus What They Really Mean

“I do it for the money” — no teacher ever.

1. “T.G.I.F.!”

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What they really mean: “OH GOD, I still have so much work to do before Monday morning.”

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2. “I hope you’re all excited for the dance tonight.”

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What they really mean: “You better be excited because I am forced to chaperone instead of getting to watch Netflix.”

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3. “This paper is so creative!”

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What they really mean: “I’ve heard this same idea for the past five years.”

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4. “This will be easy, you learned it last year.”

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What they really mean: “Great, I’m going to have to teach this year’s material as well as last year’s.”

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5. “I’m excited to meet your families at the parent-teacher conference tonight.”

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What they really mean: “I have to think of nicer ways to say ‘annoying’ and ‘loud.’”

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6. “Today we’re going to watch an educational film.”

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What they really mean: “I honestly cannot handle speaking today.”

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7. “Have a great summer!”

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What they really mean: “I’m so happy I don’t have to see you for three months. Sorry (not sorry) to the teacher who gets you next year.”

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8. “I’ve decided to postpone the test so you have more time to prepare.”

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What they really mean: “I have zero time to grade tonight.”

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9. “We’re having a pop quiz today!”

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What they really mean: “We’ll see who was really paying attention and who was texting.”

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10. “I’m feeling a little under the weather today.”

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What they really mean: “I was up all night taking care of my family, running errands, doing chores, and grading assignments. What’s sleep?”

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11. “Your child has quite the sense of humor.”

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What they really mean: “Your kid is constantly interrupting my class with his ‘jokes.’”

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12. “Your grades don’t define you.”

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What they really mean: “You’re not the brightest, but that’s okay — you’ve got a great personality.”

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13. “Sure, I’ll come in this weekend and help reorganize classrooms.”

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What they really mean: “I hate everything and everyone.”

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14. “There is no such thing as a stupid question.”

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What they really mean: “Yes, there really are. Don’t ask them.”

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15. “No, you may not use the restroom right now.”

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What they really mean: “I know you’re just bored and want to screw around in the halls with your friends.”

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16. “I’ll wait until it’s quiet to continue.”

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What they really mean: “Talk all you want, I’m not the one who will be tested on this material.”

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17. “I’m really organized.”

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What they really mean: “I used to be organized… and then school started.”

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18. “I would never choose another career over teaching.”

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What they really mean: “Seriously, no one would put up with crummy pay, long hours, and troublesome students if they didn’t love their job. I’ll always love teaching.”

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