24 Important Lessons You Learned From "The Bachelor"

Because we’re all pandas trying to make it in a world full of brown bears.

1. Do what you love.




2. Put some serious thought into picking out your first impression outfit.

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Run, Sean. Run far away.

3. Choose your words wisely.

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4. Don’t bring your grandma to a first date. Just don’t.

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5. It’s probably not a good idea to pretend you’re pregnant.

Oh, Clare.

6. Showing off doesn’t always work out.

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7. Sometimes finding love is harder than you think.

8. Eyebrows do more than just frame your face.

They might even end up legendary.

9. Personal space. It’s a real thing.

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10. Be yourself.

Even if that means wearing weird vampire teeth.

11. Always come prepared.

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12. If you’re dating someone with a child, know that you’ll have to deal with the baby mama.

I’m sure Carla isn’t as intimidating as she looks…

13. Know what you want in life.

14. Dating can leave you pretty vulnerable.

Ahhh, Kylie, noooo! * forever cringing *

15. Be open to new things.

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Even if they’re gag-inducing. You tried, Sharleen.

16. Set yourself apart from the crowd.

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17. Practice some self-control.


18. Think about the appropriate times to ask the hard-hitting questions.

19. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.



Just maybe not always in public.

20. Speak clearly and honestly.

"I RATHER not being APPRECIATE it and being HONEST, than being appreciate it, NOT being HONEST" Juan Pablo

— JuanPaGalavis (@Juan Pablo Galavis™)

21. Don’t sleep with your love interest’s best friend — or the cameraman.

22. It might be a little weird if you try to feed someone via “the helicopter.”

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23. Make sure to enjoy the view.

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Get it, Lesley!

24. Make time for a little goofiness.

Most importantly, always have realistic expectations.

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