27 Alarming Barista Confessions

You might want to rethink ordering that Skinny Vanilla Latte. These baristas took to Whisper to serve up some of their steamiest secrets.

1. Some baristas are just lookin’ for love.

3. Skinny latte lovers be warned.

6. Some baristas know they don’t like you before you even order.

9. Reminder: Your barista isn’t getting paid a luxurious wage.

12. Decaf is a weapon baristas will wield mercilessly.

17. Some customers are just really mean.

20. Gotta get those tips, y’all.

22. Some baristas need a little more than a double shot to keep them alert.

24. Bikini baristas exist.

25. Knew there was a catch.

26. “Tall” is not a universal term.

27. These people are proof there is good in this world.

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