13 Things The Fox Says

We’ve done the research for you, Ylvis.

1. That they’ll always be there.

2. That they’re the boss.

Indian Paintbrush / Via

3. That things will get better.

4. That they are indeed a fox.

5. That they value you…

Indian Paintbrush / Via

6. But will do their own thing.

Indian Paintbrush / Via

7. That he’s too in love to speak right now.

Disney / Via

8. That they’re aware of their flaws.

Indian Paintbrush / Via

9. That you need to chill out a bit.

10. That they’re sad they can’t trust you.

Indian Paintbrush / Via

11. That they’ll love you forever.

12. That they can relate to you.

Indian Paintbrush / Via

13. And that they are the true God.

Fox Atomic

Kanye? Is that you?

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